JHLD – Thank you and goodbye

Lessons with Martin Pro in 2011 at London Bridge

I have been both volunteering and working as a freelance theatrical lighting designer/programmer for all of my adult life and most of my teenage life. The entertainment industry has been my life for many years. But as of December 2023, I have decided to ‘retire’ from freelancing altogether.¬†

This is not a choice I have made lightly, it has taken me about a year to come to this conclusion. But I am thankful for all the years and the happy memories. There are a few people I owe my thanks to. Particularly my dad for first introducing me to lighting while he was the sound #1 on the Scout Gang show in 2006. But also the legend that is Ian Dow for teaching me everything I know. But also some thanks to my good friend Mark for putting up with me experimenting with lighting and sound at school.

But most of all, my fiencé Stephanie for just being amazing and supporting me.

So what am I going todo now?

Well, I still have my day job, so I am not going hungry. But I plan to spend more time with my family and pursue my passion in Aviation. I am hoping to complete my private pilots licence (PPL) in the coming years.

But I need someone to light my show?

If you have contacted me looking for an LD and have been directed to this page. I am sorry, I am not the man for you. One of the reasons I have ‘retired’ from freelancing is for my own health so I respectfully decline and offer my thanks for the offer. Below are a few contacts that I am passing my work on to, you may want to contact them. But I am not acting as a booking agent.

Still stuck looking? try this link