Hello. I’m John
Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate it and am glad your here.

As you can probably tell. I love messing around with IT stuff, lighting and spend time making model kits such as AirFix or Revells.

I used to be a full time IT technician working for an IT support company from the age of 15. Then later working in a school’s IT department. I loved it. However now days I work as a lighting control technician for entertainment. But I still keep my IT stuff going.

My blog is me attempting to write and share my experiences while tinkering around with random bits of tech at home. I found that writing on this blog really helps me. I am dyslexic and do struggle with spelling, punctuation and grammar. So please do be understanding of this. This blog certainly helps me improve these skills.

Please do comment where you would like to. But please note all comments have to be approved.